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  • What is an Asonder Stone?
    My intention in creating Asonder Stones is to add a bit of love and kindness into the world. They can be a reminder that stillness, simplicity and beauty can help us fully appreciate any moment. Whether they are used in a meditation practice, as a touch point to connect to nature or simply as a decorative art piece, I invite you to discover their meaning.
  • How long does it take to make an Asonder Stone?
    The short answer is that the time varies depending on the size of the stone and the complexity of the weaving and knot design. Additional time is dedicated to exploring, designing, developing and practicing a new techniques.
  • Can I order a custom stone?
    Yes! Feel free to reach out and we can chat more about what you’re looking for.
  • Do you offer free shipping?
    Yes. We’re happy to offer complimentary shipping on all domestic orders.
  • How long is the shipping process?
    We ship orders within 1-2 business days via USPS Priority shipping. *Upgrades may be available depending on your location. Please contact us for more details.
  • Do you work with other artists?
    We’d love to! You can send a message via the contact page or feel free to send a direct message on Instagram @asonder_stones
  • The stone I want is already sold. Will there ever be more than one?
    Each stone is unique, but you are welcome to reach out and describe the characteristics that spoke to you.
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